What is wear-resistant ceramic coating?
Date: 2016-12-09 10:02:59

   Wear-resistant ceramic coating is a non-metallic cementitious material. It is a powdery ceramic coating made of acid- and alkali-resistant synthetic raw materials through strict process ratio and advanced inorganic polymerization technology. At the construction site, special liquid inorganic glue is added to this material, and it is applied to the lining or surface of the equipment manually or mechanically. After a series of chemical reactions, it will reach the bonding strength and hardness of the ceramic after 3 days at room temperature, hence the name Nai Grinding ceramic coatings.

(1) Has extremely high mechanical strength and rigidity

    Ceramic wear-resistant coatings are mainly composed of wear-resistant aggregates and bonding systems. The density is very large, without large macro defects, and the strength can reach 130Mpa. It is unmatched by general concrete and refractory castables. It mainly uses ionic compounds and some artificial Synthetic covalent compound, its ionic bond is firmly bonded, so the strength and rigidity are great, and it can effectively resist the impact force and shear stress of the material. However, the combined system has a high strength due to the adoption of compound strengthening measures and special treatment to form a chemical bond.

(2) Excellent toughness and shock resistance

  Since the ceramic wear-resistant material adopts non-oriented rigid fibers and directional net-like reinforcement measures, the toughness is further improved through coupling, so the fracture toughness is strong, which can effectively prevent damage and peeling caused by impact force. On the other hand, since the ionic bond and its covalent bond are strong binding bonds, the bond energy is relatively high, and low temperature has little effect on it, and its vibration frequency is extremely high, which is difficult to threaten it at room temperature and will not cause thermal shock damage.

(3) Good integrity

  As wear-resistant ceramic coatings have adopted double reinforcement measures, and some have even adopted multiple reinforcement measures, the material properties have been effectively improved. In addition, the low expansion coefficient of ceramic materials makes it stable in volume, and it is impossible to produce cracks, so the integrity is good. In addition, the construction is integral construction, no joints appear, and the integrity is further improved.

(4) Good environmental compatibility

  Due to the use of acid-resistant and alkali-resistant synthetic materials, it will not react with slag. At the same time, because this material is mostly high-temperature synthetic material, the crystals are well developed and the structure is complete. The ambient temperature will not cause a large impact on it, which is environmental Inert material and therefore poorly sensitive to the environment.

(5) No environmental pollution

  The wear-resistant ceramic coating is an inorganic non-metallic material, the main component is silicate, which is similar to the composition of the earth's lithosphere, will not cause soil deterioration and heavy metal ion pollution, will not affect the ecological environment, and is a green and environmentally friendly product.

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