What is the principle of non-soot non-stick pan coating?
Date: 2016-12-31 10:06:45

   It is made of precision casting of aerospace magnetized ceramic alloy superconducting material. The thermal conductivity of the pot body is 175, which is 4 times that of an ordinary iron pot. The pot body is uniform in temperature regardless of the size of the flame or heating any part of the pot body. When the edible oil is put into the non-stick coating pan, the oil will heat up evenly with the pan. The temperature of cooking oil fumes is about 240°C, while normal cooking only needs 160°C to 180°C, and the temperature of stir-frying is about 200°C. It is about ℃, so normal cooking and stir-frying with non-stick coating will not produce oily smoke.

   When food is put in the pot, the temperature in the pot will drop rapidly. Continue to heat the pot body to heat up faster than ordinary pots. The pot not only removes oily fume from the root, but also stir-fry faster than ordinary pots, and the cooked dishes are not burnt. No paste, original flavor, higher nutritional value and better taste. The reason why the iron pan smokes is due to the poor thermal conductivity, where the fire is hot, and the temperature of the heated place quickly exceeds 240 ℃, causing local oil cracking. In fact, the overall temperature of the pan is not high and it is not suitable for cooking.

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