How to use and maintain the non-stick paint pan?
Date: 2016-12-31 10:07:48

1. How to use and maintain non-stick pan?

   Pay attention to the following aspects when using and maintaining non-stick pan:

   1. Before using it for the first time, tear off the label, rinse with water and wipe dry, apply a thin layer of cooking oil (except butter and lard) for maintenance, and clean it before use.

  2. Use heat-resistant nylon, plastic or wooden spatula when cooking to avoid sharp spatula or metal utensils from damaging the surface of the non-stick pan.

  3, non-stick kitchen utensils transfer heat evenly, only need to use medium to low heat when using, you can cook delicious food. When using a high fire, there must be food or water in the pot.

  4. After use, wait for the temperature to drop slightly, and then wash with clean water, not immediately with cold water. In case of stubborn stains, you can use hot water to add detergent and use a sponge to clean it. Do not use rough emery cloth or metal balls to scrub vigorously.

2. How can we prevent the stains from staying in the pot, if the stains have formed, what should be done?

There are two reasons for the formation of    smudges:

   1. Long-term use of large fires. These stains cannot be removed, but they will not affect the non-stick effect of the non-stick pan.

  2. Residual food and grease accumulate. These are usually not real stains, you can use hot water and detergent to clean them thoroughly with a sponge.

3. When cooking with non-stick pans, why is it best to use medium or low heat?

   The best cooking effect can be achieved because of the medium heat. Generally speaking, a strong fire will not speed up the cooking speed, but will only waste energy. If a high fire is used, there must be food in the pan, and do not dry non-stick pans on a high fire.

4. Will the non-stick layer of the non-stick pan fall off, and how can it be avoided?

   In addition to long-term improper use, such as frequent scratching with sharp tools or violent heat drying can also cause the coating to fall off. The non-stick layer of a qualified non-stick pan usually does not fall off.

5. Is the non-stick pan suitable for cooking all kinds of food?

  The non-stick layer of the qualified non-stick pan is extremely stable material, anti-acid, anti-alkali, and not easy to chemically react with other substances, so you can safely cook all kinds of food.

6. Why are some pots and pans coated with non-stick coating?

   is also coated with non-stick paint on the outside, and cleaning the outside and inside of the pot is just as convenient and quick. When cooking food, even if the food juice splashes outside, it will not cause trouble for cleaning.

7. If the non-stick surface of the non-stick pan is scratched, will it affect the non-stick effect?

  Slight scratches will only affect the appearance of the surface, and will not seriously damage the non-stick performance or affect the continued cooking of food. In order to prevent further scratches on the non-stick pan, just avoid using sharp utensils during the cooking process.

8. Is it harmful to the human body if the non-stick surface falls off and mixed with food during cooking?

  The non-stick surface of the qualified non-stick pan is absolutely safe and non-toxic. Even if it is accidentally swallowed, it will not be absorbed by the human body, and the original material will be excreted from the body, so it is extremely safe. Generally speaking, as long as it is used properly, the non-stick coating will not fall off easily.

Nine, why non-stick pan has non-stick performance

   Non-stick pan is coated with a non-stick coating mainly composed of polytetrafluoroethylene and other fluoropolymers, which is coated on the substrate and sintered at high temperature. The coating has good non-stick properties.

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