Dove Longwei Changda Happy Journey!
Date: 2016-12-31 10:13:03

From December 15th to 18th, 2016, some colleagues of Dafulong and Weichangda started a 4-day tour to Hainan. This cultural tour is a customized and personalized tour with rich content and fruitful results, which reflects the company'' The corporate culture of ``struggle-oriented''.

Nowadays, the environment is getting more and more difficult. To survive, we must continue to work hard, continue to criticize and correct ourselves; we must take the strugglers as the foundation, work hand in hand with the strugglers, and share together; do not seek coexistence and death, but seek to do Be present, do your job well, and always give your best to your customers. Just make four words in 2017: return to value!


The 4-day itinerary is full of energy!



DAY1: Xixiu Beach in Haikou



DAY2: Yanoda Tropical Rainforest, Qingshuiwan Hanhai Silver Beach!




  Yanoda Rainforest, a green oxygen bar where nature and man are united and primitive ecology; be grateful to nature and find yourself!



Dove Dragon Korean pretty boy^_^



DAY3: Big and small cave sky, Sanya Yalong Bay.




Large and small caves are hundreds of miles in arcs, strange rock caves, simple and majestic, superbly crafted.



The blue sea and blue sky of Yalong Bay, sand as white.



DAY4: Yetian Ancient Village, Dijiezhou Island



The exquisite natural and cultural landscape of the ancient village of Yetian and the rich folk customs are integrated, which is magnificent.



Wei Changda Yi Deng Master^_^


Boundary Island Island is lined with pinnacles, cliffs and bushes.


The 4-day custom tour in Hainan came to a successful conclusion, and we will work with more enthusiasm. We must adhere to the principle of striving, return to value in everything, and create better value for customers!

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